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Leave No Trace shows viewers that because a destination is luxurious, a location spectacular, or an experience unique, does not mean that it can't also be environmentally responsible.
Richard Crawford has a career that many would envy.  10 years ago he became a spokesman for an exclusive whisky brand and, since then, he has been lucky enough to travel the world enjoying the perks of a luxury lifestyle - certainly a long way from his working class roots in Paisley, Scotland!

In this brand new television program, Richard travels the world unearthing extraordinary eco friendly tourism destinations, giving viewers unprecedented "insiders" access to places and experiences that are on everyone's bucket list - from a luxury tree house in the Chilean rain forest to glamping in Kenya surrounded by exotic animals - but each location has strong "eco-ethics" to ensure that tourism doesn't impact the environment.  Richard meets the people who protect the environment, from biologists in the Maldives to security guards guarding the last remaining rhinos in the Kenyan Mara.

Each episode sees Richard visiting a particular destination or organisation who are world leaders in eco-tourism; whilst there he explores the  unique accomodation options and local cuisine.  He also experiences the very best of what's on offer in each location - from skiing on volcanic glaciers to swimming with giant rays. 

Join Richard in this 10 part series as he ticks off his bucket list visiting amazing places, seeing spectacular sights, and meeting the fascinating people working hard to help the environment. 

The program appeals to a wide audience - those who appreciate the good life; people who love to travel; and those who are interested in how to do it all of this while still taking care of the planet.


Episode Guide 

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