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Episode Breakdown

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The Inkaterra organisation were pioneers of the eco-tourism movement in Peru way back in the 70s, and since then they have led the way in the global development of ecologically sensitive tourist projects.  Our first stop is the  Sacred Valley of the Incas, where Richard tries his hand at the ancient ways of farming and visits the famous Incan salt pans...


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Join Richard as he explores the Huilo Huilo Biological reserve located deep in the Patagonian rainforest in Chile, in the majestic Andes mountain ranges.  This is a unique project because of its commitment to the conservation of nature and local culture.  Join him on a fascinating journey through the reserve, staying at some of the most unique accomodations on earth...


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Richard visits the Soneva organisation, who run a luxury resort in Thailand.  Ancient Siam meets privacy and ‘Intelligent Luxury’ at Soneva Kiri, the award-winning luxury resort located on Thailand’s fourth largest but least populated island, Koh Kood.  Founded on shared passions and masters of innovation, Soneva are a thriving community working hand in hand with the environment...


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Richard returns to his country of birth to explore some of the most remote and beautiful islands off the coast of Scotland. Join him as he braves the cold waters of the North Atlantic to sustainably harvest sea kelp which is a surprising ingredient in one of Scotlands newest and most highly acclaimed gins...


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Ted Turner is one of the US's largest landowners, and his Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve in New Mexico is a 550 000 acre ranch dedicated to the conservation and reintroduction of a number of endangered species.  With a rich history including as a private club for famous Hollywood celebrities in the '20s, Vermejo offers a wide range of environmentally sensitive programs for visitors...


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When you think of camping, you probably don't think of jacuzzis, king size beds, and in-room massages.... if that's the case, you probably haven't visited the Angama Mara 5 star safari camp, located in Kenya's Massai Mara.  Richard's trip begins exploring the camp, where they grow their own food and have a team of Massai warriors as security guards...


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The Aristi Mountain  Resort sits in Northern Greece and is far cry from what most people would associate what Greece looks like. Join Richard as he explores this mountainous region, hiking the deepest gorge in the world and fishing in the cleanest waters in all of Europe...


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The award winning Sukau Rainforest Lodge nestles on the banks of one of Borneo's most important waterways, the Kinabatangan River, home to many of Borneo's magnificent wildlife.  Richard visits Sukau in search of the elusive Orangutan, which is becoming ever more threatened due to destruction of it's natural habitat by rubber plantations...


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This episode marks a return to the Soneva organisation, this time visiting their original Maldives resort.  Based on their "intelligent luxury" and "waste to wealth" philosophies, this island offers incredible insight into how environmental sensitivity doesn't preclude luxury.  Their Eco-Centro is the heart of the resort, turning waste into recycled products...


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In Part 2 of Richards trip to The Maldives he visits the wolrd famous, over the water, Jani resort, followed by a leisurely cruise on Soneva's floating vill, "Soneva In Aqua". He'll help to teach some local children to swim and find out how the Soneva organization is helping to produce fresh drinking water to neighboring islands...


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