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Episode 6 - Guide to Glamping


This Episode

When you think of camping, you probably don't think of jacuzzis, king size beds, and in-room massages.... if that's the case, you probably haven't visited the Angama Mara 5 star safari camp, located in Kenya's Massai Mara.  Richard's trip begins exploring the camp, where they grow their own food and have a team of Massai warriors as security guards.  The area is home to many of the world's most famous animals and spans over 35, 000 acres of prime grassland, riverine forests, and acacia woodlands.  Richard goes on a night safari, where he comes face-to-face with a pride of lions in the dark - his nervousness isn't helped when the driver turns off the lights of the Jeep!  He has a breakfast in the savannah, visits a local tribe of Massai, and also sees the Mara from a hot air balloon.  Richard also visits the local school to learn more about the Angama Mara Foundation, and we also see the famous Rhinos, now protected from poachers by 24 hour security guards


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