This program is perfectly suited  for extensive social media integration.  The trips are on everyone's "bucket lists", and so the social engagement potential is huge. There is substantial appetite for audiences to experience events in real time and to experience un-edited story telling.  To exploit this to the maximum, our budget includes an allocation to engage 10 of the top travel industry influencers (one for each episode), and bring them along "for the ride".  These influencers will experience each journey, and post real time behind the scenes photography, live feeds, and social media story telling.  They will post during production, and also for 2 to 3 weeks after each shoot.

Our aim is to engage each influencer's significant audience and ask for a call to action to follow and interact with the social media pages for Leave No Trace.  This will create a following, and generate anticipation by a significant audience prior to show release.

The programme's social media accounts will also be seeded with "behind the scenes" clips, extended interviews, and specially created material.

An example of the reach provided by a typical travel influencer is below:-

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